SEO tips for bloggers

When you start working with your online diary, you have a goal: to get good results . This means finding new customers, earning, transforming your passion into a job. All through writing, but also thanks to SEO.

It is not enough to publish to get good results. The route of inbound marketing is clear on this point. To attract potential customers on the landing pages you need three basic ingredients: social media marketing, publishing of useful contents to the reader and  SEO optimization .

In this way you can choose interesting topics, you can analyze the queries and find out what the contacts that interest you want. And improve your articles , define the essential steps in terms of SEO copywriting to make sure that writing meets the needs of people and search engines.

It seems difficult, right? Fault on a dated view of the writing concept oriented to search engine optimization. Remember those keywords full of keywords? They were awful, difficult to read and often lacking in information . Better to focus on more interesting aspects: here are 8 SEO tips for bloggers that you should follow right away.

Create an editorial plan

The first tip for SEO bloggers: to create an editorial plan . This is my experience, only if you know the readers you can write an article worthy of the name. Only if you have a map of the topics to be addressed in the blog you can choose the most important keywords for your posts.

I'll explain. You decide to open a web project dedicated to influencer marketing . You have to publish the first ten articles, what do you do? Sudden? Get inspiration from your competitors? Reproduce content already seen? You're starting badly , all the SEO optimizations of this world will not help you achieve the results.

The basis of blogging is a thorough knowledge of the topic you want to address, and this knowledge is outlined thanks to the editorial plan . Here is the mental map that explores the branches of your world, and allows you to organize the most important titles for your project on the editorial calendar .

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Forget the keyword number

A point that ignites the conflicts of the SEO community: should I add the keyword to get good results? I recommend this: identify a focus, concentrate on the topic and on a concept that interests you. But forget about barriers and limits: there is no minimum or maximum number of keywords to insert. And that's why WordPress SEO by Yoast is always seen with diffidence by the experts.

The number of keywords in the text is irrelevant if you address the topic in order to answer the reader's questions . I will tell you more: the key words to be inserted to have good results are those indispensable to describe the topic in the best possible way. Without forcing the writing, giving the readers a pleasant work to read.

Should I use synonyms to make Google understand what the topic is? To the extent that they help you make an article without unnecessary redundancy. Do you want a real advice from SEO copywriter ? Write in the easiest way possible, prefer common forms and simple terms. Like those who use people when they search and write on Google.

Optimize images

Just a few steps to optimize the images on the SEO side . Name the file with useful words to describe the content, enter the most important keyword in the alternative field, use a title attribute to deepen. Now you have to go beyond the rules and define this step: how can I use the images to complete the article and give the right answers to the readers? Create the best content possible, this is the goal when you publish a post.

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